Multi-Page Viewer

The 3.0.0 version of Large Viewer has an alternate viewer to support Signatures and Annotation. Once you have purchased this feature, use the Use Old UI option in the Action Menu to choose between screens. The New UI is described here.

This screen allows you to view one or multiple pages, usually as a TIFF, FITS or PDF file. Tap & hold to expose the top navigation bar and a bottom slider, or navigation dots. You can use the slider or navigation dots to select a page to view. 

The page is shown on a gray background. Depending on your settings, the page may fill the entire page.

Here is how to use this page:

On the top Navigation Bar, select the:

  • Back button to return to the Document Preview
  • See the page and number of pages in the document
  • Use the Action Menu to:
  • Create a URL reference
  • Alter the orientation and/or zoom of the document
  • Mail a PDF of the page
  • Locked scrolling for swiping or rotation

There are two triangles to enable scrolling left/right and up/down. Invisible tap areas for paging may exist depending on the Settings.

For any particular page, you can zoom in or out using the standard pinch/stretch gesture. Zooming does allow you hide margins. However, this may cause problems with scrolling. Use the Inner Scroll Lock in the Action menu  to lock the scrolling behavior. 

To remember a particular orientation, use Learn Orientation then:

  • Save For Document 
  • Save for Even/Odd Pages
  • Save for this Page 

The use of Variable Page Size in the Settings Screen will alter how the document is presented. For example, you could choose to view column one of two for even pages and column two of two for odd pages. 

On the top right of the page, there is an icon for adding a BookMark. This will allow you to add or delete a bookmark.


Due to limitations in Apple Mail we are unable to email large detailed pages, or large files. In both cases either the Mail dialog may not appear, or the app will terminate.