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V3 Screens Annotation

The Multi-page Viewer now support PDF Annotation & Signatures:

At the bottom of the screen you have thumbnails of each page, tap to move to a page. On the top you have a navigation bar which reading from left to right is: 

Back, Rotate, Action Arrow, BookMarks, Annotation, and View Page/Pages.

On the iPad we also have Add Rectangle, Add Circle, Add Stamp and Add Photo.

From the left, tap Back to return to the document preview screen

The next icon is the Rotate Arrow to rotate the page

The right facing arrow is the Action Arrow to see the actions menu:

On this menu the Print and Email buttons allow you to print or email the document or page with, or without the annotation, and flattened or not.  

Flattening a PDF in a sense embeds the annotation into the paper so it cannot be edited by the other party.  If you sign a document you should always email the flattened document, or page, unless you expect the other party to edit your signature & annotations further.

The Add Bookmark command adds a PDF bookmark annotation to the page. 

The Orientation lock command locks or unlocks orientation, and the other commands shown are self explanatory.

The next icon in the navigation bar, the Bookmark icon gives you access to all bookmarks, the outline, or annotations in the document: 


The most complex feature is the Annotation icon which shows the annotation navigation bar:

Which enables Highlighting Text, Underline Text, Add Note bubble, Add Text Box, Pen lines, and Signature

Highlight Text:

Once Highlighted you can tap to alter the colour stye, etc, add a note:

Another way to do highlighting is to select a word so that you get the Text Manipulation menu 

From there you can do highlighting, show the definition of the word, or search!


If you select more than a few words, you are also offered the ability to search WIkipedia

A tap hold in the text will show various menus, for the iPhone the arrow icon is used to indicate more controls, on the iPad you may find the navigation bar or tap bar shows all the possible actions. 

Additional icons not shown in the iPhone or iPod  top navigation bar, are Add Rectangle, or add Circle/Eclipse, plus a Stamp, or a Photo. Below is the result of adding a stamp, and a photo from the photo library.

The other two text highlighting icons  (underline, strike-thru) operate in a similar manner. 

The text bubble operator lets you add a sticky note icon, tap to edit, and the +T allows me to add a text box. The text box supports various styles and looks.

The +Pencil icon allows me to draw & scribble on the page, tap the coloured circle to alter the style and colour, tap the round arrow to undo scribbles, then tap Done or Cancel when competed. 

Finally tap the pen icon to add a signature, then tap to indicate where it should go.  We have two signatures, yours and a customer so you are prompted to choose:

The application will save your signatures and prompt you for which one to use if you have different signature forms. You then can place, and refine the colour, opacity, overall size etc. 

Tap the signature to alter the size, placement, colour, opacity, etc.


Lastly you can use the pages icon on the top right of the navigation bar to switch to pages view mode and see all pages, or just pages that have annotations or bookmarks

This covers most of the features of the annotation engine, some features are not shown, but will be self explanatory as you manipulate them.