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Variable Page Setting

Our application supports zoom, rotation and offsetting by individual page, even, odd or all pages in the document. This allows you to zoom in and remove margins or view only a particular column. 

However, one problem is that a swipe gesture can be read as a swipe on the page or a swipe to scroll the document. How this is interpreted is based on timing and can be difficult to determine. To fix this particular problem we have added an Inner Scroll Lock setting in the Action Menu to lock or unlock the page level scrolling. 

Usually a full page is shown and sized based on the Bias by Height or Bias by Width. However, some books or faxes have pages that are variable in size or need special viewing options. 

If the variable page setting option is on, we consider the individual page size and build a view based on that size. This is further adjusted by the Bias by Width or Bias by Height setting. 

For example:

If you have a fax with variable size pages, you can view that vertically, more like a paper roll than individual pages of varying heights. 

Column based viewing allows you to zoom into a column, do Learn Orientation, and save. Again, if set to Bias by Width we will show the height of the zoomed in page but not the entire width of the page. 

Here are some visual examples:


  • Scroll Vertically ON
  • Variable Page OFF
  • Bias by Width ON
  • Bias by Height ON

… we see:

If we turn… 

  • Variable Page ON
  • Bias by Width ON
  • Bias by Height ON 

… we see:

As you can see, since the page size is variable versus the height of the device we can now see two pages. 

If we choose Bias by Width, we see the following, which looks the same because width is the driving factor. 

If we turn Bias by Width OFF and Bias by Height ON, we see:

As the image is proportional, we can't see the right side. But we can touch and drag to show the hidden right side of the page. 

Finally, if we turn Bias by Width and Bias by Height both OFF, we see: 

Tap and drag to scroll within the page. If scrolling to a different page is difficult remember the Inner Scroll Lock setting.

To exploit the left and right page, zoom out to hide the borders. Here is an example:

Choose --

  • Variable Page ON
  • Bias by Width ON
  • Bias by Height OFF


  • Open the document and adjust page one to view. Just the left column. Ensure the top edge of the page is at top/left of screen
  • Do Learn Orientation then Save For Document
  • Reopen the document and go to page two. Adjust to show the right side. Then Learn Orientation and Save for Even Pages

This gives you the effect of showing the left columns of odd pages and the right columns of even pages:

As always, if you experience problems, please email us for help.